In our classrooms you may see literacy centres, guided reading groups and word wall work. This is all part of a program called Literacy.

Literacy incorporates all reading approaches, realizing students need to use multiple strategies to become proficient readers. It provides and cultivates the skills of reading, writing, thinking, speaking and listening for all students. 

A Literacy Program includes:

  • Modeled Reading (Reading Aloud) and Modeled Writing
  • Shared Reading and Shared Writing
  • Guided Reading and Guided Writing
  • Independent Reading and Independent Writing

Daily 5 

Students select from five authentic reading and writing choices, working independently toward personalized goals, while the teacher meets individual needs through whole-group and small-group instruction, as well as one-on-one conferring.

These choices include:

  • Read to Self,
  • Work on Writing,
  • Read to Someone,
  • Listen to Reading, and
  • Word Work.